MBC Open Mic Night is cancelled indefinitely due to the Covid-19 virus

Thank you all for your support in the past! Hopefully we will be able to resume this in the future.



Welcome to Minocqua Brewing Company’s Music Open Mic Night!


All are welcome! Come to just listen, or to share your talents!

From seasoned veterans to first time performers.....

this is your chance to show us what you have!



           Second and Fourth Wednesday of each month

Holidays and special events at MBC may cause occasional schedule changes

Please check the "Shows" tab on this site


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  • 7pm to10 pm Music
  • 6:30 pm sign up begins
  • Must be present to sign up. 
  • No phone call/messaging sign up allowed.
  • Musicians will perform in the order they sign up
  • Each act is allowed 2 or 3 songs, or 10 minutes. 
  • Performance length may be adjusted at the Hosts discretion to suit the volume of performers. We will give you a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • After everyone that is signed up performs, we will start at the beginning of list and offer another chance to share your talents!


  • Acoustic/electric instruments and hand held percussion that can be plugged into the PA system or played into the provided microphone are preferred to minimize time between acts.
  • If you have a band or necessary equipment that requires more than five minutes to set up/break down please contact the host ahead of time to make arrangements and schedule a date. We would love to here you at MBC open mic! 
  • Are you are a singer and don’t play an instrument? Contact the host ahead of time and we’ll see if we can provide some live music back up for you. No Karaoke backing tracks for this event please.


        We Provide

  • Sound system
  • Soundman
  • 2 Microhones and stands
  • Music Stand
  • We have a piano and six string acoustic guitar available for use if needed. Please treat them nicely


       Some tips for performers

        - Please be tuned up and ready to take the stage when it’s your turn.

         -Stay close the mic …it’s your friend

        - Everyone makes mistakes, blows chords, forgets lyrics sometimes. Don’t worry and don’t apologize.

        - Be positive and encouraging in your comments. It takes guts to stand up and play your heart out!   

        - After you play, the polite thing to do is stick around and listen to others. And you’re polite, right?

        - Keep coming back. You’ll get better and better ,and bring your friends to cheer you on!


Thank you for participating!

Questions, comments, suggestions, and special requests?

Please send Bernie a message in the " Contact " tab on this site.